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The Barska Scope that Fits Your Needs

Are you still hesitating to buy a Barska scope? Find out below which Barska scope suits you best! Barska provides an extensive selection of riflescopes, offering models suitable for every type of shooting. All riflescopes have one thing in common: quality design and features that make them all an incomparable value. 




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What are the Benefits of Using BARSKA Biometric Fireproof Safe?


In this post, we’ll explain why having a BARSKA Biometric Fireproof Safe is essential, explain why it is a must-have for home security and what you should keep inside it to get the best out of your safe. 

What is Biometric? 

Biometric is the measurement of your unique characteristics. In this case, that characteristic would be your fingerprint.

Why Does Biometric Module Matter for Home Safe?

BARSKA Biometric module features quick and secure access to your valuables in seconds with a simple scan of the fingerprint. With a Barska fireproof biometric safe, you will no longer have to waste time looking for keys or entering a combination, all you need to access your safe is your fingerprint. 

How BARSKA's Biometric Fireproof Safes are your security solution?

  • Fireproof Protection: Barska’s Biometric Fireproof Safes can withstand 1,200° F of heat for up to 30 minutes. (Different fireproof safes models may vary). 
  • Theft Protection: The safe with solid steel long locking bar bolts and a pry-resistant recessed door for maximum security and the pre-drilled anchor holes with the included mounting kit that helps secure the safe onto the floor.
  • Biometric Fingerprint Scanner: The scanner stores up to 100 fingerprints securely, making accessing your valuables a quick and easy experience. Just scan your fingerprint, open and go! No need to bring keys or to remember a combination code. (Different fireproof safes models may vary). 
  • Home Safe Security: Having a home safe is always one of the best ways to keep your valuables safe.

What are some of the important things that should be stored in your safe? 

  • Urgent, Personal Documents: Passports, Social Security Cards, and Birth Certificates.
  • Legal Documents: Living Will, Power of Attorney, and Health Care Directive
  • Financial Documents: Property Tax Records, Brokerage Statements, and Debt Records
  • Other Valuables: Jewelry, Coin Collection, and Important Keys
  • Cash: Case of Emergency Money

Where are the Best Places to Place your Safe at Home?

  • Bedroom, Document Storage Room, or Closet

Protect Your Valuables from Theft and Fire!

Are you looking for a security safe now? Barska's Biometric Fireproof Security Safes are the ultimate in quick access security solutions for your home and office. Get one now and fear no anymore!

Model Numbers: 

  • AX13498
  • AX13496
  • AX13494
How Far can Barska's Metal Detectors Detect

Sensitivity for U.S. Quarter for Barska's Winbest Series Metal Detectors

BE11638: 6.2"

BE11642: 7"

BE11922: 8.6"

BE12232: 1.5"

BE12744: 1.5"

BE12972: 9"

BE12592: 6.3"

BE12594: 8.7"

BE12596: 10"

BE12970: 6"

BE13230: 6.3"

BE13248: 6.3"

BE13228: 5.9"


Choose the Metal Detectors that suit your needs best at: 


How to Use Barska’s Boresighter Kit without a Gun Vise/Rest


  • This Boresighter Kit will ensure that your rifle is getting your shots on paper when you’re testing out a new rifle and scope combination out in the field.
  • Gun Owner that needs help in Sighting In
  • In this post, we’ll explain why Boresighting is important, explain how to Boresight without a Vise/Rest and provide instructions if you’re new to Boresighting without a Vise/Rest.

What is Boresighting, and Why Does it Matter?

Bore sighting is the method of focusing the bore (center of the barrel) of a gun with the sights of your firearm.


It is a straightforward method and one that all shooters (novice to expert) need to learn. It also takes a few minutes to Boresight of a firearm promptly. But, it isn't always the case, especially when you need to use your Boresight Kit out in the field and you are without a proper Gun Vise/Rest.

Sighting in a rifle (or other long guns with a scope) at times, can be an exhaustive process. Time and money in the form of wasted ammunition trying to be on zero with your new optic. But, the best way to get your gun and scope to be a finely-tuned machine without all the wasted time and ammo is to Boresight it.


How to Boresight Out in the Field

Warning: Gun owners, please be sure that the gun is not loaded, the action is open, and the gun's muzzle is held in a safe direction. Gun owners must use safe gun handling procedures at all times.


1. Where to Place your Rifle, without a Gun Vise/Rest

Close to a flat surface, when you are out in the field (e.g., camping table, flat side of a backpack) or at a firing range (e.g., range table). Make sure it is stable before proceeding to the next steps.


2. Scope Mounting

With the rings already installed onto the firearm, separate the upper section of the rings by removing the screws. Place the scope onto the bottom halves of the ring. Replace the top loosely do not tighten. Rotate the scope to position the elevation turret on top of the scope (vertical). Look at an object through the scope; adjust the eye relief by sliding it back and forth until the correct eye relief distance is achieved. Tighten the set screws on top halves of the rings.

3. Attach the Boresighter to Firearm Muzzle

Select the appropriate bore arbor from the kit by selecting caliber indicated next to each arbor and insert the end of the arbor with brass hinge into the Boresighter. Hand tighten the locking screw to attach the Boresighter (Fig. 1 and 2) firmly.


Warning: If the bore stud does not insert easily, remove and verify that the correct stud is attached.


Insert the other end of the stud into the muzzle (Fig. 3).

4. Pre-Zeroing with the Boresighter

If necessary, rotate the Boresighter until the grid lines match vertically and horizontally with the reticle vectors. Remove the windage and elevation caps (If required). Adjust the windage and elevation turrets until the crosshairs line up with the center of the Boresighter’s grid. Each division on the grid is equal to 4 M.O.A. or inches at 100 yards. Pre-zeroing the scope in now complete. Remove the Boresighter and bore stud from the barrel and secure it in the supplied case.


Warning: Be sure that the bore stud is gone from the barrel. Failure to do so may result in injury or death to the shooter or bystanders. At an approved range or another safe area, complete the zeroing procedures indicated in your scope instruction manual.


Warning: Eye and ear protection is strongly recommended. Owners must use safe gun handling procedures must be used at all times.



Though most gun enthusiasts think bore sighting only applies to rifles, they can use the Kit with various firearms in actuality. Handgun hunters can align their pistol's scope, and the bore of their gun is centered. Bore sighting works fantastic with shotguns that need to be zeroed in, used for small-bird to big-game hunting. Bore sighting is the most efficient way to save time and ammunition money out in the field, where every shot counts.

If you need an iron boresighter kit, Barska has you prepared! Get ready for precise targeting in no time!

Barska Catalog 2021

We at Barska are glad to announce our new catalog this year.

We hope that this 2021 Product Catalog provides you with all of the product information and insight you need to select the Barska® products that best meet your needs. We are committed to assisting you with the technical and customer support to ensure your continued enjoyment of the Barska® product that you select for years to come.