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Key Request

In case you have lost a KEY or need additional spares, please fill out  “Key Request” below and click the “SUBMIT” button. Barska will receive your key request and work promptly initiate the key request process.

Barska does not warrant that it will be able to provide all keys. Some keys may not be available due to their having been discontinued. If the key is out of stock or requires a special order, it will take up to 3 to 4 months to deliver, if it is still available from the factory.


Key Request Form (KRF) and Notary

Once you submit this ONLINE form, you will receive an email with "Key Request Form (KRF)" file. please complete the Key Request Form (KRF) and sign it and email back to us.

Why do we need a "Key Request Form"?

The Key Request Form (KRF) when properly completed and signed, is legally recognized as:

An appropriate due diligence by Barska to ensure that the legal owner of the safe / lockbox is the person requesting for the key, therefore, replacement or duplicate keys can only be shipped to the original address where the safe was previously delivered.

When do we need a notary on the KRF?

The form needs notary at ALL times except when the person requesting for the key can provide a receipt or proof of purchase with the shipping address completely identical to the address where the person wants the key delivered.

Key Number

Please provide CLEAR picture of the Key Number/ Keyhole/Remark Sticker. Remark Sticker is located on the safe/lock box or inside of safe/ lock box door. Barska is not responsible for wrong key number provided/shipping due to unclear or blurry picture or wrong information you provided in “Key Request Form”. Key Number normally can be found behind BARSKA logo plate.

For Exmples:

Remark Code Picture: Remoakcode                                    Key Hole Picture: Key Hole

 Are key returnable?

Keys are not returnable. All key are final sale. There will be no refund unless the key is defective.

Please upload files under 5 MB.