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Flashlights By Barska®

The New FLX 1200 Lumen Flashlight by Barska emits an intense bright white beam of light that can be seen for miles. This powerful light comes with rechargeable batteries and battery charger. This 12watt output light can last for hours on a single battery charge. Designed for law enforcement this flashlight is designed to be shockproof to with stand use as a tactical defense tool. Functional as a weapon of safety tool this light features a strobing light mode to momentarily blind an attacker and a mode that emits a SOS rescue pattern.Barska Tactical Flashlights are also available in compact and standard sizes. In addition to high power flashlight Barska also offers a new zoom tactical light that allows you to focus a beam of light for targeting or long distance viewing.

Keep your target in sight with BARSKA®s LED tactical flashlights. Small, easy to carry, yet powerful and precise these durable flashlights are there for you when you need them. Select models feature bright white LED lights with different levels of brightness and strobe effect, tactical accents, pressure sensitive push on off button and beveled edge for added protection. Model BA11497 features a SOS light pattern and model BA11403 has an adjustable zoom function. These flashlights will illuminate any situation. Barska flashlight reviews Buy Barska flashlights at ShopBarska.com.

The importance of a flashlight is often overlooked by many hunters, who will employ the use of just about any low-tech flashlight model during their time outdoors. That's fine, of course, and any flashlight will help a hunter find his or her way through the forest better than relying on natural light. However, with the increasing proliferation of LED flashlights and special bulb enhancements, there is now no reason to settle for a basic, generic, and rather uninspiring source of handheld light.

LED Bulbs Turn Flashlights into High-Tech Illumination Tools

Barska has long believed that LED technology would revolutionize the way consumers used flashlights, and their belief in this change has been largely borne out by the wide variety of devices now equipped with LED bulbs. While the typical flashlight a few years ago was equipped with just one level of brightness and a "steady" pattern of always-on light, LED-enhanced flashlights can perform a multitude of interesting and useful tasks.

First and foremost, customers who purchase a Barska LED flashlight can now enjoy the ability to control the brightness of the light once they've turned the bulb on. This is perfect for situations which simply don't require full brightness and, in addition to saving battery power, controlling the brightness of the light can help hunters maintain a low profile during all hours of the day and night. Flashlights packing LED bulb technology can also produce a number of different patterns, ranging from the steady light of a typical flashlight to repetitive strobe patterns and beyond. It all amounts to a device which more effectively works with the unique environments hunters might find themselves in, and that's good for the sport itself and for the trophies a hunter will hopefully have at the end of the day.

The Best Supplement for Great Tactical Scopes

The best way to supplement the enhanced optics of a Barska laser sight or riflescope is with an LED-based tactical flashlight that can further enhance accuracy and provide an assured kill in the field. The company's flashlights are far more advanced than what customers can find at competing brands, and they feature the same attention to technological detail and ergonomics than can be found across Barska's outdoors gear. All told, the tactical flashlights sold by Barska are the one device which might make the difference between a sure shot and a near miss.