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Tactical GLX Laser Sights by Barska®

Barska offers a complete line of professional grade rifle and handgun lasers that are ideal for quick target acquisition. Each red and green Barska laser is outfitted with a standard Picatinny/Weaver-style mount that is compatible with most of today's popular firearms. Momentary pressure pads that house a push button switch are included with most laser models, and allows the user to activate the laser quickly without having to take their eyes off the target.

Compact Handgun Laser Sights

The Barska GLX laser series features a number of compact handgun laser sights that have been specifically designed to mount underneath the barrels of handguns outfitted with a Picatinny/Weaver-style rail. These red and green laser sights enable a user to quickly and accurately engage a target by illuminating the point of impact with a bright laser dot. The windage and elevation can also be adjusted, which allows the user to sight their laser into a specific distance for enhanced accuracy.

GLX Rifle Laser Sights

Rifle laser sights can be a great tool for close quarters targeting for rifles equipped with higher-power optics. For example, a high magnification rifle scope may be zeroed in at 100 yards or greater. If the rifle operator needed to suddenly engage a target within 50 yards, they could utilize the laser sights close distance performance to quickly engage the target without needing to adjust the scope itself. Having the laser sight zeroed in at 50 yards and the scope zeroed at 100 yards or more allows the operator to switch between sighting methods quickly to adapt to the current targeting environment. GLX Rifle Laser Sights by Barska mount to traditional Picatinny and Weaver-style accessory rails.

Tactical Laser Sight/Flashlight Combination

For maximum effectiveness and versatility in low-light situations, Barska offers laser/flashlight units available in red or green lasers. These compact laser flashlights offer three modes of operation: laser only, flashlight only, or flashlight and laser simultaneously. These operational modes allow the user to select the most appropriate mode for the current lighting environment. The different modes can be easily toggled through by simply moving the switch located at the rear of the laser/flashlight unit. The rear placement of the switch allows the user to easily select and change modes without needing to take their eyes off of the target.

Red vs. Green Laser Sights

Most GLX Laser Sights are available with either a red or a green laser option, which raises the question: Which laser sight is right for me® Green laser sights tend to be more visible in brighter situations than red lasers, whereas red laser sights tend to be easier on the eyes in darker targeting situations. The human eye tends to detect green light easier in brighter lighting conditions, which is why most people prefer green lasers as a means of quick targeting for daylight situations.