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Barska® HD Series of Protective Hard Cases

The new HD series of watertight hard cases by Loaded Gear feature edge-to-edge crushproof protection for storing and transporting equipment. The dual-use design of these protective strong cases is ideal for both protecting valuables during outdoor activities and securing professional equipment for transport. All Loaded Gear HD cases are designed and manufactured to high specifications to protect valuable equipment in rugged conditions. Designed for professional equipment transport, these hard cases feature an external purge valve for atmospheric pressure equalization. The interiors feature padded layers of customizable pre-perforated cubed foam and layers of egg crate foam case liner to protect valuables from internal movement. The Loaded Gear HD hard cases are available in multiple models of different sizes and features.

Customizable Cubed Foam

Most Loaded Gear ProtectiveHard Case comes with perforated cubed foam that can be customized to secure a wide range of shapes and sizes of rifles, adding protection from shock and impact. To customize the foam, place the desired object on top of the crate and then trace it with chalk or marker. Next, remove the foam within the traced area to reveal a perfectly shaped compartment for your item. Traditional egg crate foam is also included to help protect the valuables during storage and travel.

HD-500 and HD-600 Pro Travel Cases

The Loaded Gear HD-500 and HD-600 hard travel cases have been designed for transporting sensitive professional equipment, and feature built-in rollers and an extendable pull handle for ease of transportation. To protect the valuables from water and moisture damage, these pro travel hard cases feature an o-ring lining that forms a watertight seal when closed. To equalize the atmospheric pressure that is incurred during travel to different elevations, an external purge valve can be adjusted to normalize the pressure inside of the case. These two hard travel cases come with customizable cubed foam and are constructed from an anti-corrosive material.