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Spotting Scopes by Barska

Barska is an industry leading manufacturer of professional spotting scopes that have been designed for a wide range of viewing applications. Featuring the latest in optical technology, Barska spotters provide crystal clear views and extraordinary detail with enhanced optical coatings and high-quality prisms. These Barska spotting scopes are available with a wide range of features and in a variety of zoom magnifications, ensuring that there is a Barska spotting scope to fit every need. Additionally, each Barska spotting scope includes a compact table top tripod for steady viewing, whether you are at the range or in the backwoods.

Bird Watching Spotters

Bird watchers know the importance of having quality optics for getting close-up details at longer distances. It is also important that color vibrance is not lost, especially when viewing and identifying a colorful species of birds. Barska offers a number of spotting scopes that fit the need of casual and professional bird watchers alike, such as the Naturescape series of spotters. The Naturescape series combines lightweight portability with premium optics to deliver a spotting scope series that is easy to transport while out on a nature trail.

Spotting Scopes for Target Shooting

Getting a detailed view of a target at the range is key for zeroing in a rifle scope. Barska spotters allow the user to get a detailed view of the impact spot from each shot, which then allows the user to make the necessary adjustments to the rifle scopes windage and elevation settings. Having the ability to see where shots are impacting on the target saves time and ammunition when zeroing in a rifle scope. Each Barska spotting scope comes with a tabletop pan head tripod that allows the user to get a steady view of the target when shooting from the bench.

Spotting Scopes for Hunting

Barska understands the importance of having durable equipment that can withstand the elements while delivering high quality viewing. Barska has developed a few different spotting scope series that feature tough exterior rubber armor to protect the spotter from impact and shock. The Level series and Blackhawk series of spotting scopes have been designed to give hunters a close-up view of their target with premium fully multi-coated optics for optimal clarity and performance. These tough spotting scopes have been designed with maximum durability, ensuring top performance every hunting season.