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Depository Drop Safes On Sale

Barska offers an extensive line of premium Depository Drop Safes that have been designed to provide protection to important documents at home or in the office. These professional-grade depository safes are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from smaller multi-purpose drop boxes to larger keypad safes, such as the DX-200 (AX12558) and the larger DX-300 (AX12590).  Each Barska Deposit Safe is constructed using high quality steel and feature either a digital or traditional key lock in order to provide maximum protection to the contents inside.

Choosing The Right Depository Safe

When selecting a depository safe, it is important to choose a safe that will best fit your needs. Different businesses will require different specifications for a depository safe, so it is essential to review the different kinds of depository safes in order to select the correct product. The following questions have been designed to help you find the right depository safe for your office's needs.

What will be the primary contents stored in the depository safe® If cash or other valuable assets are being deposited, then a depository safe with thicker walls and solid steel locking bolts such as the DX Series would be recommended. For incoming and outgoing mail, or for interoffice deliveries, the multi-purpose drop box would be ideal.

How much will be stored in the depository safe® Interior volume is a big factor to consider when selecting a deposit safe. If your office or business deals with large volumes of important documents, mail, or cash, then one of the larger depository safe models would better fit your needs. Barska also offers smaller depository safe models for businesses who handle lower volumes of cash, mail, or other assets.

Digital Keypad Depository Safes

Select models of depository safes feature a digital keypad that can store one 6-8 digit PIN. Having a PIN code allows multiple authorized users to access the safe without the need for a key. Each digital keypad depository safe comes with a set of back-up keys as well, ensuring that the drop safe can always be accessed even without the PIN pad.

Anti-Theft Features

These digital depository safes come with a number of features to help deter and prevent the theft of the contents inside. These features ensure that once an item has been placed in the depository safe, it can only be accessed by an authorized user. Below is a list of anti-theft features found on the digital depository safes.

Digital Depository Safe Anti-Theft Features:

  • Solid Steel Construction
  • Anti-Fishing Baffles
  • Solid Steel Locking Bolts
  • Pre-Drilled Mounting Holes
  • Lock-Out Mode for Incorrect PIN 
DX Depository Safe Series

The DX Series Depository Safes are a great way to safely store cash, mail, and other important items for short periods of time while awaiting pickup. Hotels, gas stations, restaurants, and any other retail business that deals with large volumes of cash can benefit from the security provided by the DX Series Digital Depository Safes. The drop-off door features anti-fishing baffles to prevent access to the contents inside once they are deposited, and three solid steel locking bolts will ensure that there is no unauthorized entry to the safe. As an added security feature the DX Series Safes have an option for Dual Pin Access, which would require two correct numeric codes to be entered to successfully open the safe. In the event that the PIN code is forgotten or if the battery dies, two back-up keys are also included with the DX Series Depository Safes. 

Multi-Purpose Drop Box

The Multi-Purpose Drop Box Series of lock boxes available from Barska provides an effective and secure way of safely storing important office items and documents. The wide deposit slot located on top of the lock box allows personnel to drop off important items into the locked compartment, which can then be picked up later by authorized users with key access. The Multi-Purpose Drop Boxes are perfect for just about every workplace environment, and includes with the necessary hardware to mount it securely to a wall.