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Diversion Safes - Discreet and Secure

Diversion Safes provide a unique method of securing valuables simply by appearing like an everyday object. These diversion safes can be hidden in plain view without arousing suspicion or looking out of place, making them ideal for hiding valuables like jewelry, passports, money, and much more. Whether it is disguised as a book, a gift, or a picture frame, diversion safes allow you to discreetly store your valuables and keep them secured. Barska offers a full line of diversion safes in many different styles.

Hidden Book Safes

The most common type of diversion safe in the safe industry is the hidden book safe. Disguised as a novel, these safes easily avoid detection simply by blending into their surroundings. This tried and true method of securing valuables has made hidden book safes a popular solution to keeping valuables safe. Barska offers a wide variety of hidden book safes in multiple styles, ranging from dictionaries, travel books, and classic novels. Between the realistic front and back covers of the book safe is a steel lock box that can only be accessed if the user has the correct keys or combination.

Antique Hidden Book Lock Box

Amongst the different styles of hidden book lock boxes carried by Barska is the Antique Collection. These hidden book safes feature an antiquated look with a realistic textured book cover. Opening the front cover reveals the hidden compartment within. A steel door with a traditional key lock keeps valuables secured, and is the prefect size for storing jewelry, money, passports, important documents, and small electronics. A small magnetic closure helps ensure that the book cover remains closed.

Top Selling Diversion Lock Boxes

  • Hidden Real Book Lock Box - AX11682
  • Paris and London Dual Book Lock Box - CB12470
  • Dictionary Lock Box with Combination Lock - CB11990
  • Dual Book Lock Box - CB11988
  • Antique Map Book Lock Box - CB12480
Gift Lock Box

The Gift Diversion Lock Box is a unique storage solution that features a realistic gift-wrapped exterior and ribbon. Remove the lid to reveal a steel lock box with traditional key lock. The interior of the lock box is spacious enough to store multiple items, such as money, jewelry, small electronics, and important documents. The Gift Lock Box easily blends in as a decorative piece with a stylish exterior design.

Picture Frame Lock Box

A picture frame lock box allows the user to store valuables discretely in plain sight. A traditional picture frame masks a steel lock box that can only be accessed with the correct combination. The familiar picture frame design of this lock box will ensure that it will not be recognized as a safe, and fits a standard 5in x 7in photograph.