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Biometric Door Handle Locks from Barska

Add high tech biometric security to any room with the biometric series of door handles and locks from Barska. These innovative door handles provide extra security by only allowing access to authorized users who have been registered into the biometric fingerprint database. Once an authorized user places their finger on the biometric scanner, the biometric door lock will analyze the fingerprint and compare it to a database of other preregistered fingerprints. If there is a match, the biometric door handle will grant access to the user and the door will unlock. The biometric authorization process only takes a few seconds, and eliminates the need for fumbling with keys or creating multiple duplicate keys for the other users. The handle on these biometric door locks can be adjusted to fit both right and left opening doors. Each Barska Biometric Security Door Lock also features a traditional key lock located underneath the handle.

Biometric and RFID Security

Two models of Barska Biometric Door Handles include an RFID tag scanner as an alternative means of opening the door. Three master user RFID tags are included that are used to program each user into the handle's RFID database. RFID user cards can then be distributed to approved users, granting them access to the secured room. These RFID tags can be conveniently attached to a key ring for easy accessibility. Each biometric and RFID door lock features a traditional lock be accessed using the included back-up keys.

Biometric Keypad Door Lock

The Barska Biometric Keypad Door Lock features the innovative biometric security access method as well as a digital keypad for inputting a user-created PIN code. Up to 100 individual fingerprints can be programmed into the biometric door lock's database along with 3 master users who need to be present when each new user registers their fingerprint. If a user needs to access the secured room but has not registered their fingerprint into the database, they can be given the digital numeric code in order to gain access.

Advantages of Barska Biometric Door Lock Handles

Barska Biometric Door Handles exhibit many security advantages over traditional door locks. Biometric fingerprint scanning security allows only those who have been approved by the master users to register their fingerprint into the database. The biometric fingerprint scanner also allows these approved users to access the room quicker than they would with traditional keys. Biometric scanners recognize when a fingerprint has been placed on the scanner, and can grant or deny access within a couple seconds. This eliminates the need to locate and fumble with traditional keys that may be mixed in with other keys on a keychain. Lastly, the Barska Biometric Door Lock comes with all of the necessary mounting hardware, and is easy to install and program.