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Barska Biometric Gun Safes Safes and Fire Vaults

If you own a firearm, you know how important it is to keep it secured and protected. Barska offers a variety of large and small gun safes with different rifle capacities, ranging from the popular Barska Biometric Four Rifle Safe (AX11652) to the large FV-3000 45 Position Fire Vault. These rifle safes offer top-of-the-line protection and feature some of the latest in secure biometric technology. Each biometric rifle safe can be opened with the touch of a finger, allowing the user to quickly access the contents inside within seconds. Barska Fire Safe Vaults provide fireproof protection to the firearms and valuables inside. A thick steel construction coupled with flame retardant insulation ensures that the contents within will not get damaged should a fire occur.

Quick Access Biometric Gun Safes

Many households have a firearm in the home for personal and family protection. Keeping this firearm secured is a top priority, and if it is needed in an emergency situation it should be readily accessible. Biometric rifle safes provide the best of both worlds by keeping guns and rifles properly secured while allowing quick access at a moments notice. When seconds count, a biometric rifle safe allows the user to quickly access their firearm within seconds with the simple touch of a finger. The advanced biometric module on these safes scans the fingerprint and then compares it to registered fingerprints in the database within seconds. If the fingerprint is recognized, the safe will open and the firearms can be accessed.

Fire Safe Vaults

Large collections of firearms are a considerable investment that require long-term protection. Having a large Fire Vault for your collection ensures its protection from theft and potential house fires. These Fire Safe Vaults have been designed to provide the highest level of security for your firearms with a strong steel and composite fire retardant insulation that can provide up to an hour of fireproof protection. Large solid-steel deadbolts secure the vault door in several positions to provide complete protection to the contents within.

DOJ Approved

Each Biometric Rifle Safe and Fire Safe Vault available from Barska has gone through extensive testing with the California Department of Justice in order to receive a DOJ approval rating. The California DOJ testing procedure is the strictest in the country and qualifies for all 50 state guidelines. DOJ testing involves multiple tests designed to find weaknesses in a safe's design. Drop tests, pry tests, and pick tests are conducted to determine if it is possible to break into the safe. Each Biometric and Fire Safe from Barska have passed these tests to become certified as a DOJ approved firearm storage device.

Installing a Large Rifle Safe

Most safe models feature pre-drilled mounting points on the bottom and back of the safe. The included lag-bolts allow the safe to be securely attached to a structure. For added security, it is recommended that the safes be secured to a solid structure to prevent the safe from being knocked over or removed from it's position.

Biometric Safe Battery Life

Select Biometric Safes are powered by standard AA batteries and can last for up to 2 years with normal use. Non-motorized deadbolt safes use less power resulting in an even longer battery life. If the batteries have lost their charge the safe can still be opened with the included mechanical back-up keys or by using a temporary power bypass that connects externally to the safe.