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Barska Secure Lock Boxes

Lock boxes are a simple and effective way to protect your valuables from getting lost or stolen. Barska offers a variety of different lock box styles to fit any storage need, whether it be a key cabinet, diversion safe, or a portable lock box. The sizes of the lock boxes varies greatly as well, from large wall-mounted key cabinets capable of storing hundreds of keys, to small lightweight portable cash boxes that help secure monetary valuables while on the go. Barska also carries a line of diversion lock boxes that have been disguised to appear like a normal book. Take a moment to discover the variety of lock boxes that Barska has to offer.

Cash Lock Boxes

Barska offers a complete line of portable cash boxes from Barska. These cash boxes come in a variety of sizes, and are the perfect accessory for storing money during fundraisers and other events. Most Barska cash boxes feature a pull-out tray that can be used to organize coin and small bills, and have space underneath to keep rolled coins, receipts, or larger denomination bills. A sheet steel construction ensures that the cash boxes cannot be tampered with and helps secure the valuables inside. Select models of portable cash lock boxes are available with either a traditional lock and key or a combination lock. Each Barska cash box features a useful recessed fold down carrying handle for enhanced portability.

Key Cabinets

Many businesses require the use of multiple keys on a daily basis. Whether they are property managers, car dealerships, or just have a lot of keys on hand, it is important to keep these keys both secured and protected. Barska offers a complete line of industrial grade key cabinets that have been designed to provide an efficient method of organizing keys while keeping these important keys protected. When dealing with hundreds of keys, it can seem like a daunting task to find the correct one. Each key cabinet available from Barska comes with either colored key tags, numbered key tags, or a key log for recording the purpose of each key. Larger cabinets, such as the 400 and 600 Position Key Cabinet, come with both colored key tags and multiple key logs. These colored key tags feature a removable label strip that allows the user to label each key for easy identification.

Diversion Lock Boxes

Diversion Safes provide a unique method of securing valuables simply by appearing like an everyday object. These diversion safes can be hidden in plain view without arousing suspicion or looking out of place, making them ideal for hiding valuables like jewelry, passports, money, and much more. Whether it is disguised as a book, a gift, or a picture frame, diversion safes allow you to discreetly store your valuables and keep them secured. Barska offers a full line of diversion safes in many different styles.

Top Selling Lock Boxes
  • 400 Position Key Cabinet - CB12490
  • Compact Key Lock Box with Sleeve - AX11812
  • Dual Book Diversion Lock Box - CB12470
  • 64 Position Key Cabinet - CB12486
  • Small Cash Box with Key Lock - CB11830
Portable Lock Boxes

Barska carries a number of portable lock boxes from Barska. These compact portable lock boxes are ideal for securing valuables while traveling and feature a metal sleeve with pre-drilled mounting points on the bottom. This allows the user to secure the lock box to a solid surface, whether it be in an RV, a cabin, or a boat. These compact lock boxes can easily store important items such as wallets, passports, keys, watches, and many other valuables.