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Key Holders and Accessories from Barska

Barska offers a number of products and accessories that help keep keys organized. For household and office use, a picture frame key holder provides a convenient method of keeping keys organized and easy to locate. These key holders feature built-in decorative picture frames that allow photos to be displayed directly above the key hooks. Barska also offers a 10 position key cabinet that features a built-in picture frame. This allows the user to customize their key cabinet with a picture of their choice while providing them with a convenient method of key organization.

Assorted Color Key Tags

The 50 pack of assorted color key tags makes identifying a specific key in a large collection easier and quicker. A large window insert and a removable identification tag allows the user to create label specifically for each key. The ability to quickly identify the purpose of a key is important and time saving for individuals and companies who deal with multiple keys on a daily basis. This assorted key tag pack may also be used to replace or create additional key tags for the Barska Key Cabinets available from Barska.

Picture Frame Key Cabinet

The Barska Picture Frame Key Cabinet from Barska provides a unique way of keeping keys stored with a decorative touch. What appears to be a traditional picture frame is actually a compact key cabinet that has the capability of displaying a 4in x 6in picture. Open the door on this key cabinet to reveal 10 key hooks and a slot for inserting pictures. The 10 position key holder is constructed with sheet steel and features a small magnetic lock to secure the door closed. This picture frame key cabinet also comes with mounting hardware and numbered hook labels.

Barska Dehumidifiers

Barska carries Barska dehumidifiers that have been designed to prevent long-term moisture damage to sensitive items such as paper documents, currency, ammunition, and jewelry. These dehumidifiers absorb moisture out of the surrounding air and retain it in specialized moisture-absorbing beads within the dehumidifier, which prevents the spread of mold and mildew. Once the beads have reached their maximum moisture retaining capacity, the dehumidifier can be "recharged" in order to clear the moisture from the beads. Depending on the dehumidifier model, the recharge process is done by placing it in a microwave or plugging it into an electrical outlet.

Replaceable Glass for Barska Emergency Key Boxes

Many companies would benefit from having an important key that could be easily accessed during an emergency. Two models of Emergency Key Boxes with breakable glass are available from Barska. These key boxes are used to store important keys and can be accessed routinely with a traditional key lock. However, if an emergency situation should arise, any user can use the attached hammer to break the small tempered glass window and retrieve the key. These types of emergency key boxes are ideal for warehouses and can be used to store the keys to important equipment. In the event that a piece of equipment needs to be shut down immediately, the necessary key can be retrieved from the emergency key box by breaking through the tempered glass. Barska also carries replacement glass in large and small sizes for these emergency lock boxes.