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Biometric Wall Safes by Barska

Barska offers the innovative Barska Biometric Floor Safe for those interested in an alternative method of keeping valuables safe and hidden. This in-wall safe sits virtually flush with its surroundings, allowing certain types of picture frames to be placed on top of it for further concealment. This wall safe anchors to the wall studs with four steel bolts that can only be accessed from the inside, ensuring that the safe cannot be pried out from its position within the wall. The solid steel construction and anti-prying safe door ensures that only authorized users who have the correct key can access the valuable contents within the safe.

Wall Safes vs. Traditional Safes

The Barska Biometric Wall Safe from Barska differs from traditional safes in that it has been designed to be mounted within a wall, and can either be concealed with a picture or left exposed. Installing this safe into a wall and covering it with a picture virtually eliminates the possibility of the safes presence being discovered. Keeping the safe hidden reduces the overall chance of someone trying to gain unauthorized access to the safe, which provides further protection for the valuables inside. Should someone discover the safe and attempt to break in, two solid-steel locking deadbolts and an anti-pry safe door ensure that unauthorized access is simply not possible. Much like traditional safes, this biometric safe can be anchored to the ground to prevent someone from simply walking off with it.

Solid Steel Construction

Each component of the Barska Biometric Wall Safe has been designed using steel to deliver maximum protection for your valuables. The body of the floor safe is constructed from 3mm thick steel plates that prevent tampering, and the safe's door is locked tight with two solid steel locking deadbolts. Steel mounting screws are included with this safe that are used to anchor the safe into position in order to prevent the safe from being removed. These steel mounting screws are inserted using the four pre-drilled mounting holes located on each end of this safe.

Barska Biometric Technology

Barska biometric safes are the ultimate in quick access security solutions for the home and office. Secure and access your valuables in seconds with the simple scan of a fingerprint. With Barska biometric safes you will no longer have to waste time looking for your keys of entering a combination, all you need to access your safe is your fingerprint. Barska biometric fingerprint scanners are the highest resolution and most advanced in the safe industry. The Biometric safe fingerprint image sensor uses an optical sensor to create a bio algorithm (encrypted Image) of your fingerprint and stores this image to memory to access the safe. The Biometric sensor uses advanced industry leading algorithm-mapping technology to read your fingerprint to unlock the safe.

Types of Wall Safes and Uses
  • Biometric Wall Safe (AX12038) - Ideal for personal valuables
  • Large Biometric Wall Safe (AX12408) - Ideal for medical supplies
Installing A Wall Safe

The Biometric Wall Safe from Barska has been designed to fit between standard housing wall studs, allowing it to be anchored securely within a wall. Once the studs are located, a hole must be cut into the drywall at the exact dimensions of the main safe compartment. Next, the safe is placed between the two studs and anchored to them by drilling the included screws through the pre-drilled mounting holes and into the wall studs. The safe can only be removed by an authorized user who has the ability to open up the safe to access the mounting screws.